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Performance: WE ARE HERE

If you've listened to the latest episode of The Black Artivist Collective Podcast, you might remember our guest, Vicki Meek talking about a show called WE ARE HERE. WE ARE HERE is a solo show written and performed by artist, activist and musician Antonio David Lyon. According to Meeks it is a "poignant and powerful one man show that examines gender violence." (Check out the synopsis below)

WE ARE HERE will be accompanied by a workshop for black men and is co-sponsored by the Friends of the South Dallas Cultural Center, Dallas TRHT and Big Thought. It is also generously supported by funding from State Farm of Texas.

I can't wait to see it! Thanks Vicki for sharing.


Written and Performed by: Antonio David Lyons

Directed by: Juliette Jeffers

November 12, 2020 at 7:30 CST

The Friends of The South Dallas Cultural Center Facebook Page

Synopsis: In South Africa, Antonio discovers a country ripe with the promise of a young democracy, but plagued by Apartheid legacies and endemic violence. News headlines and social media campaigns are a constant reminder of the violence visited on women, children and community at the hands of men. Troubled by the violence in the air, he traverses the territories of land and soul in search of the humanity in himself and others. Who will he discover on the other side?

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